We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!
We Buy Used
time money the hassle
of selling your truck!


We buy all makes and models up to 10 years old from the current year.

We buy all pickups no matter the condition as long as the truck runs, has no fame or major body, motoror rust damage. Trucks needing minor repairs to the motor, transmission or body are acceptable.

No worries! At the time of sale we will payout all monies you owe on your truck from the proceeds of our purchase offer price. We handle all the paper work for you. In the case you owe more on your truck than our purchase offer price you will need to pay us the difference in cash or certified funds at the time of sale.

You’ll be paid by a certified national bank cashier’s check. If you meet us for an appraisal directly at a local TD Bank the sale process can take as little 15 minutes. If we come to your home or office, it can take up to an hour as we need time to go to the bank and then return with your check.

Our online offer form allows you to upload up to 8 photos. This is the ideal amount to secure our best and most accurate offer. The photos should include the following views:

  • 1 driver-side full view
  • 1 passenger-side full view
  • 1 rear tailgate full view
  • 1 front hood full view
  • 1 front drivers-side cab view with door open
  • 1 rear passenger cab view with door open
  • 1 close-up tread view of a front tire
  • 1 close-up tread view of a rear tire
  1. Have your truck cleaned and even detailed with all your personal belongings removed. This not mandatory but it will help to improve the offer on your truck.
  2. Have all your trucks documents and keys (fobs) in hand. This includes your vehicle registration, loan or lease documents (if applicable) the owner’s manual, and any major vehicle repairs receipts you may have.

If we’ve met you at a bank to conclude the sale, we’ll take it immediately. If from your home or workplace, it may take a few hours or even up to a day. From the time you receive your check you are no longer responsible for it.